Catholic Marriage Preparation and Ongoing Formation
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Presentation Goals:

  • To understand God’s intention in establishing the marriage covenant between a man and a woman and that the human family is a reflection of God’s rich, Trinitarian life.
  • To explore the meaning of marital communion and relationship in relation to the Trinitarian communion of love.
  • To give an overview of creation, the Fall and redemption and
    to show the effects of Original Sin in our lives, especially in marriage, and how God’s grace is the remedy to a happy, healthy, holy, and lasting marriage.
  • To explain that the vocation of marriage is directed toward a person’s own salvation and that of others, primarily the spouse and children. Moreover, in marriage, couples are being called
    to seek the goodness, integrity, holiness, and salvation of their spouses. Couples will perfectly do this if they follow the example of Jesus Christ.
  • To show that marriage is built upon mutual love and understanding, generosity, forgiveness, humility, reverential service, and, most importantly, self-sacrificial love that mirrors Christ’s unconditional love for his Bride, the Church.
Presentation 1 Estimated Reading Time: approximately 45-90 minutes

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