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Recommended by Priests

Msgr. Joseph Schaedel

Pastor of St. Luke Catholic Church, Indianapolis


I recommend One In Christ because it creatively, effectively, and pastorally addresses the most critical issues concerning marriage and family life in contemporary society. The fully documented conversion stories provide proof that the program leads to amazing results in the lives of the couples who participate.

Fr. C. Ryan McCarthy

Pastor of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Indianapolis

Do they know what they need to know to get married? That was the question that worried me about marriage preparation for couples in the past. With One In Christ, I don't have to worry about that anymore. I know they are being presented with all the Church teaching and practical training to be truly ready to cooperate with the graces God will offer them in the Sacrament of Marriage. What a blessing!

Fr. Sean Danda

Pastor of St. Malachy Catholic Church, Brownsburg

A good understanding of what marriage is, why God made it, and how God envisions we live it out are important topics. One In Christ makes great use of time and information as they help couples explore and understand the key essentials for God's plan for marriage and family. Every couple who talks to me about their experience of One In Christ afterwards highlights their new or renewed understanding of marriage as a vocation. This is why I am committed to One In Christ.

Fr. Mike Keucher

Pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church, Shelbyville

One In Christ changes lives! OIC is a dynamic and powerful retreat that prepares couples for happy, holy, and healthy lives in the vocation of marriage. Every couple I have ever sent has sung the praises of One In Christ. In addition to preparing couples for the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony, OIC makes better disciples out of everyone who is a part of it. I highly encourage OIC for every couple seeking marriage!

Our Mission

A Catholic Formation Apostolate for engaged & married couples.

We serve Catholic priests and parishes in forming engaged and married couples based on the Church’s call for a ‘new catechumenate’ model for marriage preparation and accompaniment during the first years of married life.

Fr. Rick Nagel

Pastor of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Indianapolis

One In Christ has been a life changer for many of the couples being married in the Church! This year we have over fifty weddings at St. Johns and all our parishioner couples attend One In Christ for their retreat. I have found this to be both a great Spiritual and Practical Retreat in preparation for the covenant of marriage.

Fr. Hollowell

Pastor of Annunciation Catholic Church, Brazil & St. Paul's Catholic Church, Greencastle

The One In Christ marriage program is a great gift to the Church and to couples preparing for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. The One In Christ program does a great job at helping to meet the need for a solid, thorough, and engaging presentation of the Catholic Church's vision for what marriage can and ought to be. I strongly encourage One In Christ to any couple that is discerning marriage!

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One In Christ has a Strategic Alliance with the local Catholic Medical Guild

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Recommended by Doctors

Dr. Casey Delcoco

Magnificat Family Medicine, Family Practice, Indianapolis

It is humbling and inspiring to witness how the One In Christ program transforms couples’ outlooks on such important and intimate subjects including marriage, sexuality, and family planning. I think what sets this program apart is the real-world insight and testimony of volunteer couples and the expertise presented by the medical panel. I highly recommend this program without reservation.

Dr. Maret Cline

Obstetrics and Gynecology of Indiana, OB/GYN, Carmel

One In Christ not only explains the theological 'why' of NFP, but also begins the scientific discussion of 'how.' The ability for couples to hear the physicians and practitioners and ask both general and personal questions is invaluable. I'm always amazed at how little most couples know about the various NFP methods. After OIC the couples are armed with knowledge and resources that should provide a great foundation to build upon.

Dr. John Cadwallader

Clinical Psychologist and Mental Health Counselor

The One In Christ marriage preparation does an excellent job integrating health of the mind, body, and soul. Couples are introduced to the beauty of God's vocational plan for a sacramental marriage. The multidisciplinary medical panel addresses both joyful and tough situations couples are likely to experience in their married life, leaving them better prepared. I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful ministry.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which everyone, regardless of circumstances, will appreciate the truth, beauty and goodness of marriage and family life the way God has designed matrimony that unites a man and woman as husband and wife and any children born from their union as a cornerstone of society.

Dr. Konrad Szymanski

IU Health, Urologist

Aside from covering a wide scope of important issues through discussions and testimonials by real-life married couples, One In Christ introduces engaged couples to Natural Family Planning, a method of growing your family and deepening your marriage that is grounded in scientific evidence and the dignity each one of us has.

Dr. Maria Bajuyo

Franciscan Health, Family Practice, Indianapolis

Together faith and reason build a coherent view of marriage and the body. One In Christ brings this truth to life beautifully in the way it teaches NFP using married couple testimonies and a medical panel. It is inspirational to see the way couples grow in love for each other and for the Church through this experience. One In Christ is truly a blessing in my life and in the Catholic Church.

Pauline Laue, M.S., M.A., LMHC

Licensed Medical Health Counselor

One In Christ is a thorough marriage prep program that is much needed in today's world of brokenness as it encourages every couple to take a look at God's divine plan for marriage. It weaves in topics involving the physical, mental and spiritual, recognizing the importance of a holistic approach to living out this Sacrament. Couples are introduced to tools that better equip them to enter and journey this Vocation.