Catholic Marriage Preparation and Ongoing Formation

One In Christ Seminar Prework

Welcome to One In Christ!

Our mission is “helping” your priest prepare you both for the Sacrament of Marriage.  Previous participants have shared with us the Pre-work was extremely helpful and rewarding. 

Because our society needs you to succeed in your marriage! 

You also want to succeed in this journey.  You are investing into your relationship.

Prework material is required as a foundation for all participants to properly facilitate discussions at the seminar.

While nothing personally has to be shared publicly at the Seminar, all participants need to be on the same page to maximize the learning experience.

Please don’t delay in getting started.

It is essential both you and your fiancé submit your answer by the assigned module due dates.

Out of respect for our facilitators and professionals helping you, they need time to read everyone’s responses to prepare for the seminar.


  • The Prework is divided into two Modules.  Each module has a set of PDF readings.
  • To begin reading, click on each PDF Presentation or Article link.
  • Complete each Module reading in the order shown.


  • At the end of each PDF file, you will see a Click on this link.
  • The hyperlink will take you to a Microsoft form to answer a few quick questions.
  • You will also have a short video in some of the Microsoft forms.
  • The question submittal must be completed individually, not as a couple.

We know things might come up, and life is busy for everyone. 

That is why we are allocating enough time to complete these assignments before the due dates.  Therefore, start now to finish it sooner rather than later. 

The key is communication: keep in touch with us.

Once you both have completed the Prework assignments, you will be ready to participate in the upcoming seminar. 

We will send additional emails with important action items (like your food order) and other information before the event.

So, are you ready to begin?  … Let’s get started!

We look forward to meeting you at the seminar.

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