Catholic Marriage Preparation and Ongoing Formation

Faith & Science in Strategic Alliance

Part One 3-Day Seminar: Body, Mind, & Soul

Part One consists of homework assignments and three days of onsite seminar participation.

Please contact us to discuss options and how we need to handle proper registration. 

While all three days are required and must be taken in sequence, some engaged couples have attended the first Saturday (Day 1) and/or Sunday (Day 2) and then come back to finish the seminar by attending the Sunday and/or follow-up Saturday (Day 3) in a future One In Christ session. 

For example, an engaged couple would register for a January seminar and attend the first Saturday (Day 1) and Sunday (Day 2) of the January seminar.  Then return to attend the follow up Saturday (Day 3) in the March seminar to complete the Part One Requirement.


The first session on Saturday will address:

The Whys of the Catholic Faith as it Pertains to Marriage

Creation, Sin, Suffering, Redemption, Vocation, Discipleship & Covenant

Licensed Mental Health Clinician

Communication Skills, Conflict Resolutions, Virtuous Relationships

Trained Facilitator (Married Couples) Experiences

Finances, Budgeting, Stewardship

*Please keep this Saturday evening open as there will be homework requirements for that evening.


The second session on Sunday will address:

Overcoming Vices to Live a Virtuous Relationship

Grace from the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist that Build Up and Sustain a Marriage

Catechesis on the “Source and Summit” of the Catholic Faith

The Good, the Beautiful, and Truth Concerning the Unitive and Procreative Ends of Marriage and Family Life.

Virtuous (Chasity) Relationship & Parenthood Part One Talk


The third session will take place on a follow-up Saturday:

Body, Mind, Soul: Medical Panel of Doctors & Fertility Care Experts

Answering all your medical and health questions concerning the Church’s teaching on contraception, women’s & men’s health, miscarriages, infertility, and reproductive technologies.

Virtuous (Chasity) Relationship & Parenthood Part Two Talk

Sharing a variety of resources to help you succeed in living a Christ-centered marriage.

At the end of Day 3, couples are empowered to continue their marriage prep journey as they move on to Part Two.


Couples Feedback Medical Panel: Body, Mind, & Soul


A few things we are planning to do differently now that we have completed the seminar include: 1) Getting off Birth Control Pill; 2) Focusing the next few months prior to our wedding on learning and understanding NFP; 3) Try to go to confession 2-4x a year; 4) Pray more as a couple; 5) Recognize one another’s Love Language; 6) Be open to God’s plan in our lives and accepting of what he has in store for us.

After today, I’ve learned how important a man’s role can be when it comes to a woman’s fertility. I want to be able to help fiancée track her periods of fertility and be involved.

We have made a commitment to pray more, say the rosary, and get more involved in the Church. We are also going to go to confession more. I am no longer taking Birth Control and don’t plan to ever again…. We also talk about our future children now instead of putting a number on it we say however many God blesses us with.

Always wanted and still look forward to having children one day but my perspective on it is better and I view it more as a gift and value it even more than I did before OIC…Realize the importance and significance and marital benefits of NFP and plan to use the Creighton model, stop taking birth control. Pray more together.

I plan to learn more about Theology of the Body and NFP. I am very excited about where NFP will take us in our relationship.

I truly felt that this experience brought us closer as a couple and closer to God…Today was great – so informative and I loved the speakers particularly Dr. Stroud and Marianne. I have had some hormonal imbalance issues that I have been dealing with for years and I found the (Medical Panel) Q & A and 1:1 sessions so valuable.

…At first, I was skeptical to learn about NFP and its effectiveness. But, after the panel discussion today I am eager to go to our NFP sessions and work with a professional to help my spouse and I learn more about the process. Most importantly, to learn more about my spouse to create a happy and successful marriage.

We want to be more devout Catholics for our marriage and future family.…We were both pretty unsure about NFP prior to today’s session but the panel helped us gain confidence in the process and effectiveness of NFP.

Sign up as soon as possible as the seminar fills up quickly, and we close registration at least 5-6 weeks before the start date.

Also, pick the earliest available seminar.  It is designed to inspire ongoing discussion and reflection for both of you as you continue to prepare for marriage.

Because preparing for your marriage is so important, you should register for a seminar which is held no later than 9-12 months before your wedding.  You need to allow enough time to complete both Part One and Part Two requirements.

NOTE: Try not to take the Part One seminar near your wedding date just in case something comes up, i.e. sickness, death in the family, etc.

Part One 3-Day Seminars are limited (5-6 a year), so it’s good to schedule an earlier one so you can fall back on a later one. 

Part Two NFP is only approximate 6-hours of class time, but classes are spread over a 3-4 month timeframe.